Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hi baby John Adino Miguel,
I never know what to say.

I never know what to feel.
I never know how will I react.
Maybe I have said that I'm not ready yet.
Maybe I have said I'm not prepared to have you.
I'm always thinking and thinking what will I do.
But definitely, there still deeper and much deeper excitement to have you.
The time I saw the beat, I was shocked and couldn't believe.

I look into it much closer,,, I feel so happy.
Happy because I couldn't believe I can or I would have one...
The feelings is more emotional than ever before,,,
That's the time I realized I should have you...
That I should fight for you,,, that I should live for you,,,
that I should do everything to bring you out in this world...
YOU ARE GOD'S BLESSING... and that I should always put into my mind,,,... always and everyday and forever...

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